Idea: Email User Rankings (Quora For Communication)?

Thought 1: Quora Ranks For Email Effectiveness

What if there was a Quora or HackerNews-like system for ranking the effectiveness of an email? Embedded in your user profile is a system for thumbs-up and thumbs-down, whereby the user can rank on a binary your relative effectiveness of email.

Your cumulative score, weighted by the rank of the user ranking you, plus frequency of interactions with that user (high frequency of interactions x high relative score = higher weight on your overall rank), influences the organization of the “priority inbox.” People who send better emails get better placement in your inbox.

Thought 2: Speed of Response and Delivery

What if when you sent a message, rather than flagging it “high priority” or “urgent,” you could actually include the estimated time you need the message back? Perhaps based on Covey’s four quadrants of important/urgent/not important/not urgent, users could tag an email as long-term, short-term, urgent, or not urgent. (My email to my colleagues about wanting piano sheet music earlier today, for example, was not urgent).

If we included the estimated time we needed to get it back (3 weeks, 6 weeks, etc), perhaps that would lighten the load on the end user by organizing and aggregating messages into time-based quadrants?

Or, on the user side, perhaps the emails could drop into “project” buckets and filter to the top of each bucket based on the priority reading from Thought 1?


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